Saturday, December 31, 2011

Libra, Spying Page, Lord of Benevolence

Libra is with us to help find balance in our life,

A second meaning of Libra is justice. Is there a need for justice in your life? If there is that need, you may wish to let it go.

What do you need to balance in your life? Time to work on it. Are you in the present moment where balance is?

The Spying Page or Hesitating Page is the card of the Basic Self and Watchfulness. Note the alertness. There is the hearing and listening. There is also the lack of freedom in initiative.

We could be seeing an unhappy inner child, where there is indecision.

The Spying Page's lower self is watching and waiting.

From the place of the observer, options and alternatives become obvious. One doesn't have to react, one can chose and act with clear mind.

Another message of the red page is to wait for the best time. Be patient.

How do we work this energy? The Lord of Benevolence is holding his hand open to the bird, representing Spirit. Let the bird take these seeds from us. Offer them to Spirit. Some call this surrendering it.

This is the answer: be open, allow more information to come to you. Be in the Present and at peace. Call Spirit to you. Calling makes the connection.

This is largely a mental space. You know how to get to it don't you? Begin with the concept.

'What do I need to do to balance'?  Here we are on New Year's Eve day.  Consider staying in balance by not over doing the partying tonight.  'Do all things in moderation', so the saying of the sage goes.  Enjoy waiting and watching the New Year's Eve Ball falling at midnight to welcome in the NEW YEAR.  Consider and enjoy the Divine Benevolence - allow and open up to the abundance.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you, from our hearts.

You are loved and so very blessed.

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