Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sacred Mushroom, Little Fish, Playful Page

Frogs are a symbol of transformation. How can the transformation happen? By the power of the mind. The Power of Right Motivation. The power of Sublimation. Transformation is change - a metamorphosis.

This is the card of Psychic and Occult Exchange. It is an intimate consultation of a spiritual nature, possibly with the higher self or Teacher.

Pay attention to your intuition today. Listen to the inner voice. Watch the confrontations. What do you hear the Holy Frogs saying? Are you listening? Pay attention to your dreams too.

The little fish are all swimming together in a group. There can be some successful group activity today.

The fishes is the card of little wish granted. Maybe it will be magical progress. A little luck is great.

It can also indicate the formation of something new: Something drawn from Nothing.

It is a brief period of good luck. I'll take the luck when we can get it. Use it well.

It is a time for play and downtime. Oh what possibilities.

Looks to me like the page is dancing. Dancing sounds pretty good.

A quality of the Playful Page is holding to balance through contrast. This means contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things. So if you are working too hard, then do the opposite - play. You may have been too serious, so shift to a lighter place.

When we look at things with a playful eye, it seems lighter. Have some fun and be safe. What will it matter in 10, 000 years? You can create some moments of happiness to remember forever.
We have an issue of transformation .  Little fish come in to help us and grants it.  Wow, now we can dance.  What a great day ahead.

You are loved and blessed.

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