Monday, November 28, 2011

Candle, Cancer, Gemini

The candle is the symbol of wisdom.  Do you also see a serpent as the handle?  Serpent's too represent wisdom.  Find that wisdom today.

"It is better to light one candle then curse the darkness" is a very slight on the less common "Chinese proverb"  "'Don't curse the darkness - light a candle."  Do you see the candle with a flame? Bring in all the light you can.

The advice given is "if something is wrong, do something about it rather than complain."

Registration for the next semester is coming up or already in the works.  What shall we choose to learn?  Where shall we go to learn?

Can you invoke the cosmic power of the Moon and Divine Mother, as both are of the Divine Feminine? Crabs are water creatures and are sensitive.

The crab can grab on to things with it's pinchers, but don't hold on too much or too long. Hold only as needed. Can you side step if you have to when there are obstacles in your way?

Can you be like the Mother, nurture and love one another?

Gemini, is an air sign and includes brothers and sisters, over which we have no control.

We see the energy is gathering. We recognize that we are both polarities within us. It is who we are. Accept it and love it.

Is there a decision coming up for you? Call in the energy to help you with it.

Use your good judgment by seeing how your whole person feels.

Light a Candle as you begin your decision making and to invite Divine Mother in to work with you.  Call upon Mercury to aid with quick thinking and analysis. The cosmic energy is flowing today.

Note Mercury went Retrograde on Nov. 23rd and won't go direct until Dec. 13th.  Yesterday I tried to print the Birthday list of folks born in Sagittarius, the program blew up and started to print 80 some pages instead of one.  Look to what is in need of repair or is overdue to breakdown.  That's when retrograde seems to hit.

You are loved and blessed.

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