Friday, October 21, 2011

Victory Horse, Pale Horse, Major Wish

The Victory Horse is also called the Golden Horse.  It is the card of intuition.  It is about victory in completion.  It signifies passing of a test.

What tests are we working on today?  Are you following the Olympics?    This may be the passing of a Spiritual Test.  Does that help?  Are you following you intuition as you guide for life?

The Golden Horse gives us a warning to not be content or self-important over one victory.

Don't you love it when we get another challenge as a way to solve something?  Think of it as another test taking you to a higher level, especially on a Spiritual level.way

You have worked with fear before.  You know it as a safety measure and protection.

There may be a need for a swift decision.  Do your research as part of the discipline so you can chose wisely and swiftly.

Turn the weakness into a strength.  Hold the emotions in check.  Deal with the situation and don't give into the stress.

The major wish is the YES card in the deck. When it appears in a reading, your major wish can come true. What is your wish? Is it full of love?

Magical things happen when you say, "Yes, I can". Barriers fall down and you can do what you need to do.

Keep your wish outcome in mind. Visualize and keep saying Yes.

Do you take time to be present and connect with the All? It can be Divine for you.

Fill you heart with love and you can do anything.

You can be riding the Golden Horse named Victory today and have your wish.

You are loved and blessed.

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