Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unicorn, Taurus, Path

The Unicorn is the card of uncontrolled force (reckless). There is physical energy and vital force. The Unicorn is alert and aware of subtle energy.

Unicorn tells you that you are ready to move ahead. You are no longer closed off or limited. Bring out your potential, not the reckless.

Perform disciplined creativity. It is successful at this time.

Use meditation energy to raise yourself up to a higher and purer level. It also raises all of us too.

Persistence is the keyword for Taurus, along with stable and beautiful.

It takes persistence to manifest what we want, including transformation. It takes work.

Look for the beauty, it exists everywhere.

Spirit is coming in to help. Take some time today and smell the roses. You are a powerful being.

The Path card is about time and distance. As a short path, it refers to an emotion that does not endure for long. It is pronounced but temporary. There is a touch of the unconscious, the abode of the Gods.

A beautiful message is to take a step at a time and 1 day at a time. We can only see a short distance. It may be that things are in a flux and not yet settled. We can be patient.

You know what steps you can take.

Can we tap into the potential today?  Possibly.  Taurus is grounded and can persevere.  We can only see a short distance.  Keep that in mind.  Keep tapping into the power.

You are loved and blessed.

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