Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taurus, Little Fish, Totem

Persistence is the keyword for Taurus, along with stable and beautiful.

It takes persistence to manifest what we want, including transformation. It takes work.

Look for the beauty, it exists everywhere.

So what's up with Taurus today? Good we hope and not stubborn behavior.

 Is the Taurus you know staying in the present or dwelling in the painful past?

The little fish are all swimming together in a group. We are all in this together. There can be some successful group activity today. We are moving forward

The 'little fishes' is the card of little wish granted.

It can also indicate the formation of something new: Something drawn from Nothing. Do you have some little wishes? Why not?

Are we having a brief period of good luck? What is luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Is that in the present?

The Totem is all about family. It is our connection with the past. It is the karma we bring into this life. It is about genetic influences. And you thought you had done all the healing you need to do on yourself.

Does the connection with family help or hurt. It can do either or both.

There is a strong connection with the Earth in the totem and the pine trees behind. As I gaze at the picture, the Totem is welcoming us back to nature and to our brother/sister spirits of the Earth

Taurus asks us if we can be persistent? With help from Little Fish, we can. Get together with family, friends and have a luck filled day.

You are lucky. blessed and loved

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