Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lord of Authority, Leo, Little Child and Puppy

The Lord of Authority tells us two things: "It is as it should be".  A good friend of mine often says, "It is what it is".

Do you believe in a Divine Plan and Divine Order?  We are working within these plans.  If we don't follow the plan, it can be painful.  Follow the plan then joy and happiness can be had.

How do we do this? By listening and following the higher will rather than the little will of our ego.  Sounds simple, but it takes effort and discipline.

Our friend Leo is here to tell us that the energy right now is high and strong, as it is Summer.

You have it within you. All the best can be brought out now. You have the courage to face it.

Use Leo to raise your vibrations and fill you with courage. When a higher road is taken, the ego is tamed. True Self realization can be fulfilled.

Use the Leo stream of consciousness to bring your major wish to fruition.

When we follow the plan and place our trust in the Divine, we tap into God's Love and Abundance.  It is of special note that our needs are met.

Trust is an issue that the global economy is having difficulties.  It is time as Jesus said for us to recognize that we are all children of God - everywhere.  To Love God and each other.  When we love each other and follow the Divine Plan then our trust level is in tune with the Divine.

How beautiful both the child and the puppy are.  That beauty is in each of us.  If we haven't been focused on it, we would benefit by focusing on God's beauty within us.

You are loved and blessed.

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