Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pale Horse, Gate, Stars

What has caused the Pale Horse to rear up in panic and fear? Overcome the fear and move forward in a non-reactive / present way.

What can we do? Face it and keep moving forward. Get your feet back down on the ground and start breathing deeply to calm down.

Realize what you can control and what you can't. Remember the 'Prayer of Serenity"? I sent a copy to someone yesterday.

You have power and great strength to use. One can use the power in fear or not. Your choice.

The gate is shut and barred. What can we do? We can wait for a little better time.

There is purpose in the shut gate. If you can't move forward, might as well enjoy it.

Time for some rest today and quiet time.

There may be some things you can do while you wait.

If you have a remote control, you might use it to lift the gate.

The blue stars is the card of a Plan. It refers to favorable business. Accept advantages offered. Flowers unfold. Likewise, we too unfold. You bring hope.
What is our plan? To be in the Present Moment, the Presence of the Divine. We can manifest what is desired and for our highest good by using this plan.

The stars represent each of us connected, hope and integration of the five aspects of self. Once again, integration can come through our inner work and our outer work. Each of us grow where we are planted with others. Relationships and group energy can take us where we can't go by ourselves. We need groups to be successful in spiritual growth. It's also fun and you develop a spiritual connection with each other that is one of the most loving.

We have 2 red cards telling us of adverse forces we are to work with and rise above - by patience.  Hard to do when fear comes to us.  We can do it with a plan.  Is it the plan of the Divine?  When we are aligned with it, we know there is great hope.

I know many are without electricity and other resources interrupted by hurricane Irene.  I heard tonight that many even in DC will not have power until this weekend.  Be patient and maintain the hope.  Go into prayer.  Often when we don't have our toys, we actually connect face to face.  We get together and play old games in person, laugh and have a good time.  Stuff going bad in the freezer?  Have a cook out and invite friends and neighbors.  Turn the lemon into lemonade.  Maybe there are ways to help others too.  See what you can do.  

Remember, out of chaos comes opportunity.  You are loved and blessed.

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