Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lord of Contemplation, Little Child and Puppy, Death

I hear you telling us to 'give thought to'...

On the other hand, you look like you are thinking about the Little Child & Puppy or Death and asking 'what am I to do'? Go into a meditative state and ask, then act.

Let's not react negatively. Think positive and bring positive results to you.

Is it time to listen to the messages that has been showing up? You could think too much and miss any opportunities that are presenting itself.

When we connect with the Divine, we tap into God's Love and Abundance. It is of special note that our needs are met.

It is time as Jesus said for us to recognize that we are all children of God - everywhere. To Love God and each other. When we love each other and follow the Divine Plan then our maturing is in tune with the Divine.

How beautiful both the child and the puppy are. That beauty is in each of us. If we haven't been focused on it, we would benefit by focusing on God's beauty within us.

The puppy is trusting the little girl and in return, it gives unconditional love. This is how we work through our issue. Trust that it can happen and it will.

The Angel of Death is ready to bring closure. The Full Moon is wanning upon us, as shown in the picture of Death.

Death is standing in front the moon as it shines brightly when it is dark. Things that are not seen in the dark are now having light shined on it.

What is in your spotlight? Time for a new beginning.

Be ready and willing.

I hear a very strong message for my family.  We have been unloading our daughter's storage unit and moving some of it to our garage, Goodwill, etc.   We are wondering if we can finish tomorrow and empty it out?  It would seem to indicate that it is our best move, otherwise, more money out of pocket.  I'm hoping we can borrow a neighbor's truck and trailer.  That might work.

We also have a 'House and Garden Day' cleanup today to give thought to, then see a friend's painting exhibit before ending the day.

How about your plans for the day?  Trust in the Divine and you can bring closure today.

You are loved and blessed.

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