Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Fish,Scorpio, Magical Horse

We are the little fish, swimming together in a group. We are all in this together. There can be some successful group activity today. It may be with family, friends or others. Could be with the one you love or in your heart.

With the fishes, your little wish is granted. A little luck is great. Use it for your best and highest good.

The little fish can also indicate the formation of something new: Something drawn from No thing.

The Healing and transforming energy of Scorpio are coming in at higher vibrations.

Meditate on the sign of the Scorpio. Raise your vibrations from the lower self to the higher. The healing energy is close to the higher part of you, the Eagle. There are important things for you to see with your expanded awareness.

You can now a shift into a more beneficial affect of energy and share it with others.

Watch out for the stinger, don't sting yourself. Move to the Eagle's place.

The Magical Horse says make magical progress today. Stay on topic and keep it moving.

Get the horse on the track, in the race and running well.

There is assurance of good health. What a blessing.

Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

A little luck today would be nice.  We do have class tonight also.  Scorpio brings a high level of Spiritual energy and vitality.  Your progress today is magical.  Use your luck well and/or enjoy class.

God loves you and so do I.

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