Thursday, July 28, 2011

Serpent, Lord of Contemplation, Death

Very powerful energies of the serpent are here. Be alert and in the present.

Do you see the serpent's tongue testing and sensing. We could emulate this being and be wiser. How much do we sense before acting? The serpent is also connected to the Earth. So are we, yet we ignore our Earth Mother.

Be in the present as you move forward.

Which direction is the serpent moving?  It has crossed over itself.  Is that you?

I hear you telling us to 'give thought to'...

On the other hand, you look like you are thinking about the Pale Horse and asking 'what do I do'? Go into a meditative state and ask, then act.

Let's not react negatively. Think positive and bring positive results to you.

Time to take the opportunity that has been showing up. Think too much and you will miss it as it goes away.  Look behind the noise of the seabird and fear have a similar message to look not at the illusion, but the reality.  Think about that.  This too shall pass.

The Angel of Death is ready to bring closure. The Moon is also growing brighter, not full like shown in the picture of Death

Death is standing in front the moon as it shines brightly when it is dark. Things that are not seen in the dark are now having light shined on it.

What is in your spotlight? Time to let it go so a new beginning can take place. Be ready and willing.

What has grown in your life that it is time to trim? Cut it down. Closure is your gift for today. You can do what must be done.
Last night we had a Memorial Service for our daughter.  The energy was very powerful during the service.  It is not only sad in the loss of Kendra, but also sad that we only see people who care about us when something like this happens.

It was a beautiful service.  I believe that Spirit is tellis to watch what we are thinking.  Death is not really death.  It is a ending and a beginning.  I wonder what is beginning now?

You arel loved and blessed.


cybelle said...

sympathies through the virtual world to you...been reading for about a week, very much enjoying. thank you for putting it out there. best to you, cybelle

Grace said...

Hi, Ken!

I've just gone back several posts to see if I could find any info on what happened to your daughter! Whatever it was, I am so sorry to hear she's left this world. As a parent, I can only imagine what you must be going through.

From my family to yours, my deepest condolenscens, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.