Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sagittarius, Road of Indecision, Sapphire

The stars of Sagittarius may remind you of the flurries we have seen this week.  The time of Sagittarius is November 23rd - December 21st according to the rules of astrology.  Is the energy coming in a little earlier?

As we come toward the year end, we may begin to look at our goals and our vision from the beginning of the year.  How have we done this year?  Ruled by Jupiter, benevolence is generally felt.

Our vision and goals may have been too optimistic.  What are we to do?

Take a look at the larger concept.  Rethink the situation to make the best choice.

Where are you on the Road of Indecision?  

Are you on the other side of the mountain?  Make your return trip home.  Soon you will be there.

Today is a great day for a short trip.  I'd like to head south to warmer weather.

The blue Sapphire is the card that brings the light of understanding. It is a symbol of the higher Self. With it comes illumination and Spiritual Wisdom.

Today it is telling us that we are receiving clarity. We have the energy of the Divine allowing clarity and guidance to come through.

Allow your self the joy of connecting with your higher Self and getting information, wisdom and connections you wouldn't see otherwise. You can bring all the facts together today, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Wow, ask and shall receive. It is by setting goals that we ask.  Get the big picture and get perspective.  If you didn't hit your mark, then re-aim.  Consciously connect with your Higher Self, get alignment, wisdom and then we can take our shot.

You are loved and blessed.  Don't forget it.

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