Friday, June 17, 2011

Foxes, Legal Papers, Coins

The Moon is wanning, from the Full Moon.  The light is very bright as in the picture.

Look to the Reality instead of the reflection. Look to the motivations.

Use your spiritual discrimination and correct evaluation. Time to use your intuition. Have you been doing that lately? Trust what you get.

There are extraneous distractions going on here. Stay grounded .

Pay attention.

The card of Legal papers is about written work. It can be about business affairs, legal procedures or business responsibility. It is also the card of study and contracts.

If you are drawn to the background, it may be about music. If you are drawn to the paper with the certificate on it, it may be about mortgage, marriage license or certificate. There appears to be both letterhead and manuscript on the table too.

What are you drawn to today?

What is the Shustah telling us today? Be in the present, attentive and loving like the foxes. Connect with your higher Self consciously. Touch into the wisdom. Some writing is in order. Journal, journal, journal.

The coins are the symbol of increase including emotional increase and illumination.

The coins roll in as if to tell us there is change happening. I hope it is financial in a positive sense for you. I have hope for a better economy and jobs for everyone who wants one.

Coins are often also called change. As the song says, "The times they are a changin' ". Change is a constant of the Universe. Does change startle you or are you alert and in the present? The answers are within you.

Look to the reality and not the reflection says the foxes.  Then write it down in your journal.  We can thereby gain more illumination and understanding.

You are loved.

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