Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LIttle Fish, Aries, Swamp

The little fish are all swimming together in a group. We are all in this together. There can be some successful group activity today. We are moving forward

The 'little fishes' is the card of little wish granted.

It can also indicate the formation of something new: Something drawn from Nothing. Do you have some little wishes? Why not?

Are we having a brief period of good luck? What is luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Is that in the present?

Aries is about new beginnings. There is an inflow of new energy to give us a new start.

Each night we go to sleep and then awaken to a new day, a new opportunity a new beginning (again or for the first time).

Tap into the energy. Draw it to you to accomplish the things you wish to get done.

Do you have enthusiasm or need it? Are you impulsive in your actions?

The swamp cautions us not to be overwhelmed. Clarity may be difficult with the swamp's muddy waters. Are you in muddy waters or is that your thinking?

Watch your step in the swamp. It is wise to test the path ahead before making a commitment. Have you been sinking because of a misstep?

Watch for emotional trickery going on. Keep an eye on things. There may be alligators and snakes you can't see in the muddy water.

School is in today. We are all heading in the right direction. Touch into the stream of energy from Aries to get the new project going. It is still spring, although it is warmer now. Watch your steps and step carefully today. Sometimes it is not what you see, but what you don't that gets you.

We can draw the luck to us with positive thoughts. Get powered. The water is not too deep, but it sure is muddy today. Maybe staying in the boat is a good idea or better yet, an air boat.

God loves you and so do I.

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