Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Capricorn, Serpent, Sapphire

Capricorns are dependable. Is this your issue today? Or maybe it is the influence of Saturn, Capricorns ruler?

Saturn has a way of slowing things down. It can be a blessing or not.

Practical and prudent, Ambitious and disciplined, Patient and careful,
Humorous and reserved
, Pessimistic and fatalistic, Miserly and grudging

These are the positive and negative aspects we are working with.

Very powerful energies of the serpent are here. Be alert and in the present.

Do you see the serpent's tongue testing and sensing. We could emulate this being and be wiser. How much do we sense before acting? The serpent is also connected to the Earth. So are we, yet we ignore our Earth Mother.

Be in the present as you move forward.

This is a powerful day. Use the power with wisdom.

The blue Sapphire is the card that brings the light of understanding. It is a symbol of the higher Self. With it comes illumination and Spiritual Wisdom.

Today it is telling us that we are receiving clarity. We have the energy of Capricorn giving us the stream of cosmic energy  and connection with the Divine, allowing clarity and guidance to come through.

Allow your self the joy of connecting with your higher Self and getting information, wisdom and connections you wouldn't see otherwise. You can bring all the facts together today, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Capricorns can raise up from the depths of the sea to the mountain.  They can also work with the powerful energy.  Cappy is sure footed and little fear.  Yet we are advised to watch our step.  At a higher place on the mountain one can gain insight, new ideas for the future and/or how the past has been affecting you in the present (Sapphire). Keep in touch with your higher Self.

Lately, I've been getting the message to strengthen the connection with the Higher Self.

This is a powerful day. Use the power with wisdom.

We are now entering into the strongest pull of the new Moon.  Time to set some goals and begin manifesting.

We are loved and blessed.

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