Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Cat, Cancer, Sagittarius

The cat is telling us to be alert. The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate.

Something very powerful is coming into your life - a teacher.

Feel the love. Stay centered. Be ready like the cat.

I love cats, how they sit, observe and then take action.  Be alert, not afraid.  The may be some surprises coming.  Stay grounded. Watch your emotions so they won't get in the way.  Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to be grounded and present.

Invoke the cosmic power of the Moon and Divine Mother, as both are of the Divine Feminine.

The crab can grab on to things with it's pinchers, but don't hold on too much or too long. Hold only as needed. Side step if you have to when there are obstacles in your way. Like the Mother, nurture and love one another.

Emotional and loving, Intuitive and imaginative, Shrewd and cautious, Protective and sympathetic or Changeable and moody, Over emotional and touchy, Clinging and unable to let go. Which of these aspects are you facing today?

Aim high and shoot for the long distance as shown by the archer. Where you focus your thought, is where the energy goes.

Sag is ruled by the benevolent Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting us for even greater love and good things in your life.

Like Sag, be optimistic. Hope is positive. Pessimism is like fear.

Set your goals and keep working toward them.

Pay attention says the Black Cat, Divine Mother / Cancer the Crab is working with us today to nurture us today.  This can help us achieve our goals and feel the abundance of Jupiter - ruler of Sag.

Have a great Sunday, we have 2 streams of cosmic energy coming in for us.  I feel fun at the beach with the crab and fun with Sag.

You are loved and blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the black cat explaination during meditation that was useful for me :)