Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Noisy Seabird, Victory Horse, Death

Squawk, squawk, squawk sounds the noisy seabird. Just making noise. It can be very distracting. Listen behind the noise. Do what your heart tells you.

Use your intuition to hear the truth. Ask to hear the truth. There is physical distraction and interfering communication.

Today there is sharing information. It is a time to watch the words you speak and to consider the words of others in this light.

Don't believe everything you hear.

Victory is yours today. Take a bow as you are in the winners circle. You have run the race and now stand victorious.

You can celebrate your victories and enjoy these days.

This is also a time for being grateful for all your blessings. When I think of the light color of the Victory Horse, I am also thankful for the return of the light. It is the light of the Christ being victorious over death.

Open to the light, let it fill the darkness, the shadows within you.

The Angel of Death is ready to bring closure. The Full Moon is gone and a New Moon is upon us. We are now moving toward the Full Moon.

Death is standing in front the moon as it shines brightly. Of course we can see the Moon in daylight as well as night time. Things that are not seen in the dark are now having light shined on it. There is extra light from the Sun, reflected back to us from the Moon in the card.

What is in your spotlight? Time for an ending and new beginning.

Be ready and willing.

Last night we used the New and Full Moon's power to propel and attract, in a prosperity meditation. That could have been an ending of lack and beginning of abundance. Also have been chanting prosperity mantra which might seem as noisy stuff. Yet, the key is that we see that it we are already in the winners circle, being successful and abundant.

You are too - loved and blessed.

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