Friday, April 29, 2011

Bed, Fence, Sacred Mushroom

The bed is a place of rest, a place where the subconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is asleep. Time to dream and to process the dreams. Use your dream time to give you insight and inspiration.

One could say that getting out of the bed, vacating it is the solution. The Universe loves action, especially when it is the correct action.

What lies dormant here? What do the dreams tell you? Start /continue the dream journal to get insight.

Your guides and teachers can hear you. So does the Universe hear your thoughts and feel your energy. Your intuition is turned up today.

Listen to your inner voice today. The fence is only a symbol of the illusion that separates us from one another, while we are in the physical form.

Lift the veil, dispel the illusion. The truth is behind it all. The Truth is the Divine and the Divine Plan. Do you wish to know more?

Listen to your inner guides and teachers: meditate and use your intuition.

The mushroom is symbolic of higher consciousness. That's what we've been talking about. A shift of consciousness to a higher level.

In some cultures, taking the sacred mushroom raises their consciousness. We all know that raising our consciousness is not as easy as it is talking about it. It takes discipline, practice, meditation, right living, etc. It's not easy, but it can be done with effort.

Sometimes having another like minded person to work with you is very helpful. Group work can build energy to assist us in raising our vibration and level of consciousness. Where is your group or mentor? A new teacher may be coming to you.

Talk about a Red Letter Day. There can be illness we have to face today. Certainly, the feeling of disconnection and emptiness is seen in this scene. The Fence also gives us the feeling of disconnection with the barrier between you and someone you love. It however, calls us to use our intuition; talk with our guides and teachers. COMMUNICATE!, on all levels. Pray and meditate too. Although there may be difficulties, nothing is as it seems. Remember the story of the farmer who said, "perhaps" as a response to those who saw something as either good or bad?

Enjoy your lessons - you are growing, evolving and progressing.

You are love.

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