Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swamp, Lord of Contemplation, Pale Horse

The swamp cautions us not to be overwhelmed. Clarity may be difficult with the swamp's muddy waters. Are you in muddy waters or is that your thinking? Might be the crazy economy or just all the things happening in your life.

Watch your step in the swamp. It is wise to test the path ahead before making a commitment. Have you been sinking because of a misstep?

Watch for emotional trickery going on. Keep an eye on things. There may be alligators and snakes you can't see in the muddy water.

Give it a little time and you can move out of the swamp.

I hear you telling us to 'give thought to'...

On the other hand, you look like you are thinking about the Swamp and asking 'what do I do'? Go into a meditative state and ask, then act.

Let's not react negatively. Think positive and bring positive results to you.

Time to take the opportunity that has been showing up. Think too much and you will miss it as it goes away.

In contemplation, one finds peace that leads to illumination and clarity.

What has caused the Pale Horse to rear up in panic and fear? Was it the Swamp? Overcome the fear and move forward in a non-reactive / present way.

What can we do? Face it and keep moving forward. Get your feet back down on the ground and start breathing deeply to calm down. Breathe through the left nostril, the calming breath.

Realize what you can control and what you can't. Remember the 'Prayer of Serenity"?

You have power and great strength to use. One can use the power in fear or not. Your choice.

We see the emotions in both the Swamp and Pale Horse. We can allow the imagination and emotions to run amok or we can give thought to what the reality is. In meditation and the present moment, we are able to think and see more clearly or with clarity. Do it. Remember that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Use your intuition or other tools to clarify. It is whatever you make it.

You area loved and blessed.

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