Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sagittarius, Virgo, Whip

The stars of Sagittarius may appear to you as if they are attracted to the arrow. The time of Sagittarius is November 23rd - December 21st according to the rules of astrology. Since we are not in that time frame, this relates to Sag being a Truth seeker, especially the Meaning of Life.

Sag is also interested in religion and philosophy. How are we doing in our search?

Focus is required and discipline. How have we done this month? Ruled by Jupiter, benevolence is generally felt. What are we to do?

The Virgo is in a position of prayer and meditation. If we are blocked and can't move forward, we can meditate and pray for guidance. We can enter into silence and connect with the All. Open to the plan that comes to you.

There is an inflow of healing energy as shown by the stars. What are you going to heal that is holding you back? Remember that energy follows thought.

Virgo can be critical and gets stuck in details. Be aware of your thoughts, actions and deeds. Find the perfect that is the God essence and all is well.

The whip is about discipline. Today takes great mental effort if there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties.

What tests us, makes us stronger. We struggle to attain and in so there is a karmic strengthening of character.

Untangle things today. Stay grounded and not reacting to others negative emotions.

Use your strengths developed from discipline.

Embrace any pain and you will quickly move through it. Don't forget, you are always creating the reality (unless you have given your power away). The Whip says it all.

Use the discipline of prayer to draw to you what you have set as your goals. Do this in a disciplined manner and you shall experience the results. Send out love and love returns to you.

Remember you are never fully alone, as your guides, teachers, and love ones on the other side are with you, loving you. How wonderful.

You are loved and blessed.

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