Friday, March 11, 2011

Fence, Virgo, Chalice

Your guides and teachers can hear you. So does the Universe hear your thoughts and feel your energy. Your intuition is turned up today.

Listen to your inner voice today. The fence is only a symbol of the illusion that separates us from one another, while we are in the physical form.

Lift the veil, dispel the illusion. The truth is behind it all. The Truth is the Divine and the Divine Plan. Do you wish to know more?

Listen to your inner guides and teachers: meditate and use your intuition.

The Virgo is in a position of prayer and meditation. If we are blocked and can't move forward, we can meditate and pray for guidance. We can enter into silence and connect with the All. Open to the plan that comes to you.

There is an inflow of healing energy as shown by the stars. What are you going to heal that is holding you back? Remember that energy follows thought.

Virgo can be critical and gets stuck in details. Be aware of your thoughts, actions and deeds. Find the perfect that is the God essence and all is well.

The Chalice is the card of Holiness. It relates to Spirit.

Some people see the vine above and left of the Chalice as dropping liquid into the Chalice. Each drop fills the cup.

Some decks consider the Chalice as the Holy Grail. It is what we quest. Like the Virgo, it takes a pure heart and highest ideals.

When we started a medication course in seminary, the first meditation book spoke of the chalice as the cup that receives the drops of Divine nectar, the results of our work. This is why it is important for us to meditate and to use our intuition. The more we do, the more the cup is filled.

This is great news today, Friday. Use your intuition especially as you meditate and pray. Tune into your higher self, your soul. Listen with your intuition. Wow, go for it.

As you fill the cup of blessings for others, you cup is filled. "your cup runeth over, surely goodness and mercy (love) shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall live in the house of the Lord, forever."

On another level, there is a severance between mother and daughter. Call upon the Virgo to help. They love to serve with joy. Let Spirit fill your Chalice with the water (the fluid of life) that never runs dry.

You are loved and blessed.

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