Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celestial Bees, Witchhazel, Breakthrough Page

This is the card of Creative Activity. So what is the issue related to activity?

Are we blocked at our work? Is the activity not so happy? Is there no caring for one another? Are you enjoying the group activity?

Use your right brain and be creative. What's going on in your hive?

The activity can be a little luck. How does that sound? Is there some happy activity happening at your home?

The Witch hazel tree tells us that there is healing on all levels, including the emotional level.

There is a manipulation of the time sequence. The Here and Now contains the Whole of anything. We have the vision of an entire concept. We see the seed, flower and pod in simultaneous action.

What you have worked for is coming to fruition.

Experience the here and now. Experience being out of time and space. This is a mighty lesson and solution.

Breakthrough Page refers to a young man /woman who is ready to make a change, to knock on a door and open it. To move to a higher level.

You can heal the illness you want today. You are a spiritual being working on your vision. Today your efforts pay off and you make things happen.

Knock and it is opened to you. Seek and you find. Ask and it is given.

We have the great activity of the Celestial Bees and healing / wellness of the Witchhazel. We also have 2yellow - Spiritual abundance cards and happy activity with the bees.

Use your power in meditation to call upon the healing Spirits and to move to a higher level. You can do it.

There is a lot of creative activity going on at the hive. Schedules and working too hard can create stress. Up to 90% of illnesses are related to stress - do something about it for your health. Do some creative meditation to reduce the stress. Take a bath and imagine you are on vacation in the warm waters of the Bahamas or some other joyous place. Meditation is a great way to become calm and relaxed. Just being in silence can change and heal. Be well.

You are loved and blessed.

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