Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black Cat, Foxes, Lord of Meditation

The cat is telling us to be alert. The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate. Today, I'm being told it also applies to opportunity.

Something very powerful is coming into your life - a teacher.

Feel the love. Stay centered. Be ready like the cat.

Watch your emotions so they won't get in the way.

Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to be grounded and present.

The Moon's light is very bright on the card as the clouds move away.
Look to the Reality instead of the reflection. Look to the motivations.

Use your spiritual discrimination and correct evaluation. Time to use your intuition. Have you been doing that lately? Trust what you get.

There are extraneous distractions going on here. Stay grounded .

There is something interesting to the left that one fox is checking out. Could be where they have come from or noise in the Swamp. The ears on the front fox are pointing both forward and to the left. Wish we could do that too. Pay attention.

The Lord of Power is the card of concentration and channeling of energy. It is the control of emotional vitality, direction of dynamics of personality. Understand that all levels of force belong to one Energy, Ulti-matter.

You have greater power to use from your inner self and higher self.

Understand how to use your spiritual power. The right thought creates the right action. You have the power to manifest by using these spiritual laws.

Manifest what you want and are guided to. Do this with prayer and meditation. This is how you access Divine Abundance and create.

We have 2 cards that tell us to be alert. The black cat may wish to startle you. The foxes may be looking to do something clever that might not be seen. Keep you eyes out and ask in Meditation what action to take. You will know. Stay grounded and alert to possible options.

Never forget that you are loved and blessed.

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