Saturday, March 26, 2011

Archangel Uriel, Self, Path, Leo

Archangel Uriel Angel of Summer, card of success.

You can do it and be successful. It is the peak of our mental endeavor, knowing a spiritual work is half completed and knowing that important factors are working for you.

Archangel Uriel is full of emotional expression. She has access to wisdom. Call upon her for help when you need the wisdom.

Enjoy these days and find ways to fill your time with light. Is success possible?

In our long journey here, we traverse through the 12 signs of the zodiac, experiencing the archetypes of each sign. In each, we have learned both the positive and negative aspects and attributes. We experience, expand the consciousness of our self, the Divine Self and the true Self. Evolving and expanding in a glorious way.

How is your evolution and expansion coming? Are you working on your stuff? I hope so. There is the affect of the cosmic on us today. Do you feel it? What are the issues you are working on? There are great opportunities available to us. Is it painful, what you are going through now?

The Path card is about time and distance. As a short path, it refers to an emotion that does not endure for long. It is pronounced but temporary. There is a touch of the unconscious, the abode of the Gods.

A beautiful message is to take a step at a time and 1 day at a time. We can only see a short distance. It may be that things are in a flux and not yet settled. We can be patient.

You know what steps you can take.

Our friend Leo is here to tell us that the energy right now is high and strong, as it is Summer.

You have it within you. All the best can be brought out now. You have the courage and strength to face things.

Use Leo to raise your vibrations and fill you with courage.

When a higher road is taken, the ego is tamed. True Self realization can be fulfilled.

So be it and so it is.

The blue cards tells us of the mental concept or the idea presented is 'Success'
The black tells us of the streams of energy we are working with the strong energy of Leo.
The green path is short and narrow.

We are successful when we listen to our Higher Self and stay on the path. Leo leads the way with strength and courage.

You are loved and blessed.

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