Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stars, Totem, Divine Horse

The blue stars is the card of a Plan. It refers to favorable business. Accept advantages offered. Flowers unfold. Likewise, we too unfold. You bring hope.
What is our plan for today?

The stars represent each of us connected, hope and integration of the five aspects of self.

Integration can come through our inner work and our outer work.

The Totem is all about family. It is our connection with the past. It is the karma we bring into this life. It is about genetic influences. And you thought you had done all the healing you need to do on yourself.

Does the connection with family help or hurt. It can do either or both.

There is a strong connection with the Earth in the totem and the pine trees behind.

As I gaze at the picture, the Totem is welcoming us back to nature and to our brother/sister spirits of the Earth

Divine love always has and Divine love always will provide our every need", goes the Metaphysical statement. Is this what you believe? Imagine it as if it is so.

The Divine Horse brings us well being and protection. It is Sunday, a day of rest and rejuvenation. Not working? We can spend time with family and then have our physical needs/thirsts fulfilled.

Another aspect of the Divine Horse is to tell us to practice contentment. When we do this, we find the serenity through balanced thinking.

In contentment, we find balance. We find the integration of ourselves with the Divine.

One could say that it is a blue day with 3 blue cards. It is a day of Hope, connection with a great power, being well and content. Sounds great to me.

It is a blessing for you and you and you and all of us.

You are love - of Earth and Divine.

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