Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Pigs, Magical Horse, Capricorn

The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels. So our issue is about luck today.

This is about work and preparation toward mental wealth. What in the world is mental wealth. I think I am wealthy and so I am? or Is it that I have a wealth of ideas on the mental plane today? Lucky ideas?

The pigs are in the enclosure of your consciousness and cannot again become submerged in the Unconscious.

Could it be that it is time for some new ideas? If the old was not working well, time to make some changes.

The Magical Horse says make magical progress today. Stay on topic and keep it moving.

Get the horse on the track, in the race and running well.

There is assurance of good health. What a blessing.

Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so our progress is slowed. If your issue is about starting something new, a delay is coming today. Take a deep breath.

Take time with Holy Pigs and Magical Horse. Enjoy some good luck. Take time to give thanks. Time to let the Magical Horse work with and for us.

Use your sure footing today. You can see the higher road. Your are surrounded with cosmic energy. When one is raised up, all of humanity is too.

Employ your focus. You can do that. Just trust in the Divine.

Today's reading is very powerful with both Yellow Holy Pigs (Good Luck) and Green growth energy of Magical Horse as well as the Cosmic energy of Capricorn. Use it to your advantage.

Remember that you are a Child of God, loved and blessed.

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