Monday, January 31, 2011

Victory Horse, Sagittarius, Road of Indecision

Is Victory yours today? Will you take a bow as you are in the winners circle? Are you running the race and wish to stand victorious?

Can you celebrate your victories and enjoy this day?

The horse knows that it is a winner. There is pride being shown. Are you prideful and need to work on this issue?

Do you feel that you are a winner, but can't manifest it? What to do?

Aim high and shoot for the long distance as shown by the archer. Where you focus your thought, is where the energy goes.

Sag is ruled by the benevolent Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting us for even greater love and good things in your life.

Like Sag, be optimistic. Hope is positive. Pessimism is like fear.

Set your goals and keep working toward them.

Take a look at the larger concept. Rethink the situation so you can see all options.

You are on the Road of Indecision, the road of return. We are now coming full circle.

Today is a great day for a short trip. A good day for running a few errands.

From an energy perspective, rethinking our situation is always good advice. Always get the best advice you can and then YOU make your choice.

We are all on the road of return. Keep your high ideals and goals in your intentions. Where you put your thoughts - energy goes. With Spirit, you are already a winner.

Remember, you are loved.

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