Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pisces, Archangel Raphael, Ouroboros

The Pisces energy is streaming in today. Will it be perceived as Christ energy or indecision? After all, it's not time yet for Pisces - it won't be long: Feb.19-March 20.

Energy is now flowing in as if to flush out any blockages. It's now open. Get out of the way and get going. Pisces people can be very sensitive. The key is not to be overly sensitive. The Christ energy is very special.

You will feel the abundance coming back and the energy flowing. Talk about inspiration. This is a great time where you need that extra zing.

Archangel Raphael tells us of a initiating energy. Normally she appears in March to herald in Spring but here she is.

Are you ready for a new start? Ask, how can I create a new and better start, then listen for your answer.

I think Raphael is also telling us that the angels are watching over us and helping us with a new start of Spring. Feel the great energy.

Your blockages can now be healed with the help of your Higher Self and the Angels.

The blossoms are popping out all over. The cycle of the year has come full circle. It is Winter,yet.

Ouroboros is the card of Self-sustaining. This is an issue in your house as it applies to going Green and the use of self-sustaining materials. But Self - sustaining is so much more. Once put into motion, it keeps going also.

It sometimes refers to a wedding ring or marriage. it is a union and partnership and the integration of the parts of the self to become a whole. Unity is another word for it. Are you thinking of marriage?

There is unity among us. Are we feeling unity with our brothers & sisters? Use the affirmation: "I am one, you are one, we are One with God".

This is a very high vibration set of cards for today. The stream of energy comes in to raise us up. We call upon Archangel Raphael to bring healing, as she is 'Healer of God'. This higher energy can raise us up to be One with God, where we are healed and whole. All is well and we become self sustaining. Wow.

Remember that you are loved and blessed.

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