Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bed, Legal Papers, Serpent

The bed is a place of rest, a place where the subconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is asleep. Time to dream and to process the dreams. Use your dream time to give you insight and inspiration.

One could say that getting out of the bed, vacating it is the solution. The Universe loves action, especially when it is the correct action.

What lies dormant here? What do the dreams tell you? Start /continue the dream journal to get insight. Are you traveling in the Spirit world while sleeping? What you may be perceiving as dreams may be more real.

The card of Legal papers is about written work. It can be about business affairs, legal procedures or business responsibility. It is also the card of study and contracts.

My sense is that it is time to study the writings and apply a higher vision to the situation. A day or so ago, I was thinking about working with our guides in automatic writing to improve the connection and get a higher perspective.

When we wish to work on transformation, especially mediumship, this is one way to do it.

Very powerful energies of the serpent are here. Be alert and in the present. Watch your step.

Do you see the serpent's tongue testing and sensing. We could emulate this being and be wiser. How much do we sense before acting? Be in the present as you move forward.

This can be a powerful day. Use the power with wisdom.

Our power comes from our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Be thinking the right stuff and wisdom comes to you as you are in the present. Sense and choose your actions.

Hope your dreams are good and your rest is enough. Keep your dream journal going to see the themes and symbols from your subconscious. Get in touch with your intuition to check priorities or additions/deletions. No journal? Time to get started. Use caution, be alert and watch your steps.

You are loved and blessed.

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