Friday, December 3, 2010

Swamp, Candle, Chalice

The swamp cautions us not to be overwhelmed. Clarity may be difficult with the swamp's muddy waters. Are you in muddy waters or is that your thinking? Black Friday and the prosperous week at Wall Street were good, but we may not be out of the swamp yet.

Watch your step in the swamp. It is wise to test the path ahead before making a commitment. Have you been sinking because of a misstep?

Watch for emotional trickery going on. Keep an eye on things. There may be alligators and snakes you can't see in the muddy water.

Give it a little time and you can move out of the swamp.

The candle was with us yesterday and has moved from the issue to the solution. This reminds me that the answer is in the question.

The candle is the symbol of wisdom. Find that wisdom today. "It is better to light one candle then curse the darkness" is a very slight on the less common "Chinese proverb" "'Don't curse the darkness - light a candle." The advice given is "if something is wrong, do something about it rather than complain."

Throw some light on the situation today. Light can help us see more clearly. Candle light also creates a warm environment.

The Chalice is the card of Holiness. It relates to Spirit.

Some people see the vine above and left of the Chalice as dropping liquid into the Chalice. Each drop fills the cup.

Some decks consider the Chalice as the Holy Grail. It is what we quest. Like the Unicorn, it takes a pure heart and highest ideals.

When we started a medication course in seminary, the first meditation book spoke of the chalice as the cup that receives the drops of Divine nectar, the results of our work. This is why it is important for us to meditate and to use our intuition. The more we do, the more the cup is filled.
There is a cloudiness that blocks our vision in the swamp. Bring more light in to gain clarity. With clarity, Spirit is evident.

When I look at the candle, it also makes me think of inspiration: from-spirit inspired. Tough time calls for inspired approaches. Find the best within us.

With light from the candle, we can see better and have more clarity. Write it down and share it with others.

If one views the base of the Chalice, the base of the Candle and the base of the trees, we see stability with the earth. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the season, light a candle and be grounded, then touch into Spirit from a grounded way.

You are a child of God, being loved and blessed.

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