Friday, December 31, 2010

Scorpio, Death, Lord of Contemplation

The Healing and transforming energy of Scorpio are coming in at higher vibrations.

Meditate on the sign of the Scorpio. Raise your vibrations from the lower self to the higher. The healing energy is close to the higher part of you, the Eagle. There are important things for you to see with your expanded awareness.

Can you now a shift into a more beneficial affect of energy?

Watch out for the stinger.

The Angel of Death is ready to bring closure. The Full Moon is wanning upon us, as shown in the picture of Death.

Death is standing in front the moon as it shines brightly when it is dark. Things that are not seen in the dark are now having light shined on it.

What is in your spotlight? Time for a new beginning.

Be ready and willing.

I hear you telling us to 'give thought to'...

On the other hand, you look like you are thinking about the Scorpio / Death and asking 'what do I do'? Go into a meditative state and ask, then act.

Let's not react negatively. Think positive and bring positive results to you.

Time to listen to the messages that has been showing up. Think too much and you will miss any opportunities that are presenting itself.

Happy New Year's Eve - day. Can't help but feel that Death is telling us to let some things go and it'll help with the cutting of the cords. Give some great thought to this. Watch the stingers tonight. Be certain to have a designated driver or better yet, stay home. Take a higher road so you won't see stars of pain. Spend time in meditation and then celebrate happily.

Can't help but see energy coming down on the Eagle and Scorpion which looks like it is heading for high ground. Remember the energy of Scorpio is healing, especially when the higher position is taken. Hope all friends in S. Cal are on high ground today. Death says that the worst may be over. Think of the next steps.

You are loved and blessed.

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