Friday, December 24, 2010

Sapphire, Libra, Gnomes

The blue Sapphire is the card that brings the light of understanding. It is a symbol of the higher Self. With it comes illumination and Spiritual Wisdom.

Today it is asking us to find clarity. Can we let go of material and mental things? Can we improve the connection by removing blockages, allowing clarity and guidance to come through?

Can you allow your self the joy of connecting with your higher Self and getting information, wisdom and connections you wouldn't see otherwise? Can you bring all the facts together today, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together?

Libra is with us to help find balance in our life, especially today. Why today? The days are getting shorter, the nights longer. The imbalance decreases after the Winter Solstice until the Spring Equinox.

Many people are light sensitive and can become depressed with less light. There are full spectrum lights that can help bring healing.

What do you need to balance in your life? Time to work on it.

Kabiri, the Fire Gods who tend the internal fires and treasures of the earth. One gains through attention to labor, industry.

Today is the last shopping day before Christmas. Yet there are plenty of sales after Christmas.
Let us find clarity and have connection with the Divine on this eve. In the Jewish tradition, Sabbath begins on Friday at sundown. We celebrate the Holy Birth of Jesus, the vessel of Christ on this eve. Millions and millions of Christian faith celebrate this birth. It is a time for bringing justice and balance to the planet. Peace on Earth, good will to all mankind.

There is much light coming into the Earth at this time. Energy from the Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Eclipse. It touches deep into the Earth. The Gnomes use the energy to transmute and reinforce the life force within the Earth. This is a time of deep inner growth for all of us.

The Sapphire brings connection with the Divine, where we find Spirit in Balance. Do the hard work to obtain the clarity and connection which brings us transformation.

To our friends in Southern California who have endured so much rain: the Sapphire speaks of the cleansing by the rains, to restore a balance. the forces of Nature are working hard to bring about restoration. Balance is here today on Christmas Eve Day.

Remember that you are a Child of God, loved and blessed.

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