Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Road of Indecision, Archangel Michael, Little Child and Puppy

What is the larger concept? How do we rethink the situation to make the best choice?

Where are you on the Road of Indecision? This is also the road of return. Are we now coming full circle?

Are you on the other side of the mountain? Are you making your return trip home?

Archangel Michael, Angel of Fall is with us. Michael is sitting looking towards the future, the Child and Puppy and aware of the winds of change. The angels are with us.

Michael is telling us to evaluate the situation. Give proper thought to the best solution. Get the facts, use sound judgement and have the attitude of gratitude and all will be well.

Let go of old ideas, old patterns and old energy like the leaves of the trees.
Call upon Archangel Michael to assist with the letting go and to help with healing.

When we connect with the Divine, we tap into God's Love and Abundance. It is of special note that our needs are met.

It is time as Jesus said for us to recognize that we are all children of God - everywhere. To Love God and each other. When we love each other and follow the Divine Plan then our maturing is in tune with the Divine.

How beautiful both the child and the puppy are. That beauty is in each of us. If we haven't been focused on it, we would benefit by focusing on God's beauty within us.

The puppy is trusting the little girl and in return, it gives unconditional love. There too is the message for us: be as innocent as a child; trust and God's unconditional Love touches our heart.

Today is a great day for looking to see where you are. Time wise, it is Dec. 1st and not long to the Holy Days. The wheel of the year is turning. Even though there is supposed to be a lot of wind today and leaves blowing, I have a different perspective. God is blowing the leaves into piles for me and moving them around the flower beds for winter and down the hill a little for us. Thanks God. I feel God's unconditional love and trust. Hope you do too.

Shift! There may also be some small wind funnels from the wind. Ask Archangel Michael for protection.

You are a child of God, you are loved and blessed.

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