Friday, October 31, 2008

Sacred Mushroom, Woolly Mammoth, Totem

The woolly mammoth tells us that there are seeds from the past at work here today.  The big and mighty one is moving forward.  Why live in the past or allow the past to hold you back.

Heal the past and create the future.  In many cultures, the elephant or mammoth is a sacred being of great strength and prosperity.

Stay grounded and move forward is the mantra for today.

The blue totem is very powerful with the Thunderbird on top.  It's arms are so welcoming.  Totem wants us to be together with our Spiritual Family and so do the standing people (trees).  

The Totem is all about family.  It is our connection with the past.  It is the karma we bring into this life.  It is about genetic influences.

Connect with those you love.  Be filled with Spirit. 

Open your arms to all as they are you.

When I looked at today's cards, I sensed the sacred and karmic on the face of it.  Could Halloween which has its depth in ancient / timeless aspects our our DNA.  We hold sacred and make fun with all the characters from aspirations of super heroes to scary.  

There are some that are working on karmic issues today.  Some of these issues, as they are healed, bring us all closer together as one family.

Happy Halloween - watch out for the kids.  What costume are you going to wear?  Have Fun.

With love and blessings.

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