Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pale Horse, Sagittarius, Foxes

The Pale Horse is the Card of Fear, especially physical fear.
Today, you may be dealing with some issues of fear or panic. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and move forward.

When fear comes up, it blocks our ability to see options. It puts blinders on us. That little bean sized gland, the amygdala, wants us to fight or take flight.

Listen to the message, as it may refer to an issue of safety. Then let the emotion of the fear go, release it and move forward.

Aim high and shoot for the long distance as shown by the archer. Where you focus your thought, is where the energy goes.

Sag is ruled by the benevolent Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting us for even greater love and good things in your life.

Like Sag, be optimistic. Hope is positive. Pessimism is like fear.

Let the stars remind you that energy follows thought

Set your goals and keep working toward The Full Moon is out and the clouds have parted.  The Moon reflects the light from the Sun and the Moonlight shines on us.  If you look, you can see things happening that you  couldn't see otherwise.

The foxes tell us to be clever - use our mental capabilities and also watch for the cleverness of others.  Keep the foxes out of the Hen House.  Let's all be more savvy this year and do the right things.

The Moonlight lights your path.  Keep your eyes open and watch for the best timing.

Do you see the legs of the Pale Horse and Sagittarius? Can we get all legs down and ground ourselves?One can transmute fear into higher action by meditation. Use your mastery of thought and alchemy of the mind to transform / transmute fear into a higher level.   Foxes tell us to be aware of our surroundings.  The unseen can now be seen.  Watch your energy and the energy of others.  Life is often not what we think.

Smile and be positive.  Fear not.  Stay in the Love vibration and share it.

 You are loved and blessed.

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