Monday, July 15, 2019

Aries, Archangel Gabriel, Destiny

Aries is about new beginnings. There is an inflow of new energy to give us a new start.

Each night we go to sleep and then awaken to a new day, a new opportunity a new beginning (again or for the first time).
Tap into the energy. Draw it to you to accomplish the things you wish to get done.

Do you have enthusiasm or need it? Are you impulsive in your actions?

Winter is coming, Archangel Gabriel tells us.  Yes, it is getting cooler.  The warm days are decreasing and weather is becoming more seasonal.  Time to prepare for winter.

Churches are beginning to prepare for the time of Advent.  Of course the stores have begun to stock their shelves with the needs of Christmas.

Gabriel has her back to us.  She may be listening, but with her back to you, you may have to go it alone.  You can do it.  Just say Yes, I can.

Destiny tells us that things are as they should be.

There is a turn of events. Something will change from here. This is shown by the moon which indicates change.

What is most important to know is that something higher is taking care of it. It is the will of God. So go with it.

Keep in mind that there is a karmic plan or pattern over which you have no control. Put your trust in God and hear the message of His will for you.
Can we use Aries energy today to initiale a project?  Has Archangel Gabriel been listening and give the message to God?  Is she telling us we have to go alone on this project?  Destiny tells us we have little control as things are as they shall be.  What is important is that something higher is taking care of it.

You are loved and blessed.

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