Monday, May 17, 2021

Spying Page, Aries, Archangel Michael

The red page - the spying page is observing and hesitant. Often when you are really observing, you are in the present moment. You can listen and broadly focus.

From the place of the observer, options and alternatives become obvious. One doesn't have to react, one can chose and act with clear mind.

Another message of the red page is to wait for the best time.

It is a challenge to stay in the present moment, but you can do it.

Aries is about new beginnings. There is an inflow of new energy to give us a new start.

Each night we go to sleep and then awaken to a new day, a new opportunity a new beginning (again or for the first time).

Tap into the energy. Draw it to you to accomplish the things you wish to get done.

Archangel Michael, Angel of Fall is with us. Michael is sitting looking to the future, but aware of the winds of change. Don't feel alone, the angels are with us. Michael is helping you with protection and letting go.

Michael is telling us to evaluate the situation. Give proper thought to the best solution. Get the facts, use sound judgement and have the attitude of gratitude. Let go of old ideas, old patterns and old energy like the leaves of the trees.

Just say, "I can do it".

 You are waiting for a better time to act.  There are changes happening as Archangel Michael's presence demonstrates. Aries brings energy to get things started, especially new projects.  Tap into it and use it well. I always think of the wind as being the Holy Spirit or the Holy Breathe.  Ask for protection with Archangel Michael and walk with the angels.  Ask for what you need from the Holy Breathe.

Smile and be positive.  Fear not says the angels.  Stay in God’s Love vibration.

You are loved and blessed.

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